The struggles of a balding longhair and the double-standards between men and women -
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    It cuts both ways. I'm a 54 year old woman who started losing my hair in my mid 40s. I feel forced to wear a wig. I wish women had the same freedom men have to be bald. That being said, I wouldn't want my man to wear a wig just like I bet you wouldn't want your woman not to wear a wig if she was losing her hair. But, I don't think you should be left out of having some alternative. I've been thinking about an idea that I'd try if it was an option. You, being a young guy would probably be able to pull it off and maybe start a new trend.
    You know how people get piercing just about any where? Well, why not get piercings through your scalp? Strategically placed and with some sort of attachment mechanism, you could add hair. Not in a way like you were trying to hide your baldness, but in an ode to hair. It could be bold and make a statement. Like a man bun or a mohawk. I would find that sexy and you could probably make it so that it didn't come of when your girl wanted to pull it.

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