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    Default The struggles of a balding longhair and the double-standards between men and women

    I am now on the lowest of the low amongst men, a sad balding man clinging on to long hair, I never thought I would end up here at the age of 27. Yes I've been on the big 3 (Propecia, Minoxidil, Nizoral) plus biotin supplements for a year now, no improvement even if it has slowed the shedding.

    I don't want short hair, to me that's just as bad as taking a razor to my scalp. I'm so attached to my long hair and I've put huge effort into maintaining it over the years, it's a lifestyle at this point and one of the things that makes me happy for some stupid reason. I'm so keen on maintaining the long hair look that I am seriously considering getting one of the high quality human hair wigs, but from my reading it seems that men who wear wigs are only one rung up the ladder from balding men clinging on to long hair. I don't understand why?

    All over Youtube there are videos of balding women (with far less hair then me) demonstrating how they use wigs, toppers, extensions to cover their scalp, why is it couragous when they do it but 'sad' if I as a man do the same thing? I read the comments from (mostly women) and it's always "you're so brave" "you look beautiful hun" "oh wow you'd never know it wasn't your bio-hair!". Bring up the subject of whether women in their 20's/30's would date a man with a wig anywhere on the internet and strap in for some vicious comments about what 'real men' do.

    I'm the last person to whine about equality in general, I get it, double standards exist for better or for worse. This one really bothers me though, because I feel like I am locked out of a perfectly viable option that would allow me to move on with my life purely because I have a dick and, if I want to use it again, I have to pander to what appears to be a very wide-spread expectation amongst women, embrace baldness 'like a man'.

    The problem is compounded by the fact that women who are attracted to longhairs WILL run their hands through your hair at first opportunity, guaranteed. They will do it long before you even get to sex, and when you are in the bedroom quite often end up grabbing fistfuls and tug at it. As such there is no way of hiding a wig, I would have to be fully open about it to friends, family, and lovers. I can deal with that, I can handle good natured banter from my brother and friends, hell I'd probably encourage it. What I don't want to deal with is being openly and viciously ridiculed because for some reason bald men are one of the few targets that are still 'fair game' for society to mock - probably because nobody wants to shag us so we don't get protected by the crowd.

    I've got to do something either way, I'm so obsessed right now that it's stopping me from enjoying life. Yes I know that life will go on if I just cut it, but then I'm still balding with shit quality short hair, and I've given in to something I don't want to do just because of how I will be judged, which seems even sadder to me.

    I don't have any questions, I'm just curious to see what you fellas think and wanted to vent.

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