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    I had to ponder for some time about whether or not to share my info on this site, but in the end I decided to go for it, because I need advice from guys in the same position.

    I'll keep this short.

    I'm 34. Been slowly balding since my late 20s. Decided to do something about it 8 months ago.

    Im doing pretty well now career-wise, so I decided to see about a hair transplant from an ostensibly high-ranking surgeon/clinic in the area (a lot of 5 star reviews). I went in and they gave me a quote for an FUE using their artas machine. It was a lot of money. A lot. Much more than I expected. So I went home and thought about it. I only had a small window of time to get it done - if I decided to do it - and in the end, being single with money to spend, I said why not.

    A few days later I had a hair transplant. Although the doctor was a smarmy douche bag (surprise), I felt it went smoothly. I hardly remember any of it, since I was doped up, but as I recall the doc ran the machine to excise the grafts, and then once done, one of his lackeys did the transplant.

    When I woke up, I remember that I had to ask them repeatedly how many grafts I'd had transplanted, and only after annoying them they finally said roughly 2400. The doctor then shook my hand and told me I'd need another one, and told me to try propecia to save the hair I had.

    Then I ubered home.

    SO here I am 8 months later without much to show. I quit the propecia 2 weeks after I started it, because it made my **** and balls hurt, and I'd rather be bald than impotent.

    I'm tired of typing, so I've attached a comparison photo. The first is post op. The second is tonight. This is 8 months and 2400 grafts later. I keep reading that I'll see more growth up until month 12, but I'm not buying it. No, I feel like I've been swindled and I'm thoroughly unimpressed.

    Anyway, any thoughts/recommendations are appreciated. Thanks
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