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    Default HT basic questions

    Hi Forum Gurus,

    Please help me in my case as discussed below.

    My hair started thinning 7 years ago and last 3 years a visible patch can be seen now. Used multivitamins for last 5 yrs, minoxidil 5% for 2 years. Nothing has changed.

    Now am thinking about HT FUE. Can someone answer my few beginner's query?

    1) Is shaving hairs is required for the FUE surgery?
    2) Does ARTAS have any benefits over manual FUE?
    3) Can someone share what are key factors choosing HT doctor/ center?

    Please share your thoughts. I am quite nervous.

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    If you have chosen a clinic (or narrowed it down to a few), contact them and ask them to pass you names and contact details of previous clients - reputable clinics will be happy to do so, and in my experience, these guys are extremely generous with their time.

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    1) The donor area will need to be shaved, and most doctors prefer to shave the area where the grafts are being placed. It's best to shave down and keep everything neat and even.
    2) No benefits that I am aware of. I would avoid ARTAS.
    3) Choose a doctor based on reputation for consistently good results, and results that match what you are looking for in a transplant. Don't let distance necessarily dictate which doctor you choose.
    I am a patient and representative of Dr Rahal

    My FUE With Dr Rahal - Awesome Hairline Result

    I can be contacted for advice:

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    1). Yes, most docs require a buzz or shave to extract fue from donor zone.

    2) ARTAS, is robotic FUE recieves updates. I havenít seen wow results. Even motorized handheld FUE is questionable. Strictly purely manual FUE may be the way to go if your hair type and caliber supports the FUE extraction process.

    3) key factor is the doctor should do what is safe, ethically, and actually do the surgical parts of surgery themselves, this includes extractions. Doctors should not allow techs or nurses to do surgergucal aspects including extractions. If the doctor has more than one surgery during the day, that is concerning. You should be the focus, you should be the only surgery of the day. Doctors should also provide you your entire medical record without any omissions. Doctors should be fuken honest at all times.

    If you proceed with this, i hope you have a great experience and hope it is done right and that your goals are met. Last thing I want to see is anyone becoming a repair patient trying to get fixed and move forward somehow in his life.

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