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    Default Any thoughts on laser or electrolosys to remove transplanted

    Please help..

    There is so little information on this. I did a ht in turkey in 2014. I very much regret it and would like to use laser to remove transplanted hair to create a more conservative hairline. I am in the uk. Does anyone have any experience of this??

    It's such a shame that ht specialists who deal with repair procedures do not regularly offer this option to clients like me.

    I know that I will never be able to return to a virgin scalp, but I hope that I can get a natural look.

    Please any feedback welcome, especially personal experince..

    Thanks, A

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    I've seen threads like this from time to time from guys who are interested in doing this, but I haven't seen anyone actually post any results. I believe the main concern would be that you may have slight scarring from the recipient incisions that were made to your scalp, and I'm not sure how noticeable they would be.

    I would suggest speaking with a doctor who does this sort of hair removal and getting their opinion on it. Perhaps a good option would be to see if they could remove a few hairs, let the skin heal, and see what (if any) scarring is left behind.... Then you could make a more informed decision on how to proceed.

    I am a patient advocate for Dr. Parsa Mohebi in Los Angeles, CA. My opinions/comments are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Dr. Mohebi and his staff.

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