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    Default Missing Dose of Dutasteride

    I can't believe I forgot my dose of Dutasteride, as I usually take it religiously at the same time after lunch every day.

    Has anyone else forgotton a dose? Am I to excpect a shed?

    Only been on for 2 months

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    Missing one dose of Dutasteride shouldn't have any lasting effects. One of the reasons why doctors are hesitant to prescribe it to patients is that it has a half life of several weeks, meaning its levels should be relatively stable even when you miss a day. Obviously don't make missing a dosage a habit but there's no need to worry over one mistake! (Finasteride by contrast has a half life of ~6 hours, and generally missing one dosage of it isn't a huge deal)
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    I agree. Missing one dose is absolutely nothing to worry about. I would say the same if it was Finasteride, as many users take it every other day with success despite the short half life.
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    A NON issue man.
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