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    Default Ru58841 stopped working ?

    Hi, I'm 35 years old been losing my hair since I was 23, had a failed FUE transplant in Turkey and I don't have enough donor area .. Anyway I've been on Fin and Rogain for the past 8 years, fin was giving me alot of side effects when I stopped it I felt the difference immediately .. I started Ru58841 2.5g in 50 ml KB solution, 1 ml per day after showering immediately (after drying my hair of course) followed by Minoxidil after 10 min, the shedding stopped immediately and I cudnt have been happier as this is the first time I try something that actually works ..

    After 2 weeks the shedding started again and it won't stop .. and I think its heavier than before .. Have anyone experienced this sudden shedding ?

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    This is really interesting.
    I know that many people have complained through the years that ru stopped working after a while, but it was after it DID work for them for at least a year, not 2 weeks. So one option is that it worked for you for almost no time and then just stopped.
    The other option is that this is like the "finasteride shed", long shed before the great rise with all the regrowth etc. But does that even possible with ru? I have no idea. It is a matter of time until I try ru and to be honest, I have no idea what to expect. I did try it in the past but never for more than 2 months, so I can't judge.
    I don't care if it works even for one year because it's something, as long as I'm not gonna have heart issues and then die from it like that guy from that forum whose name I forgot (Assuming it was a real post).

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    Actually I stopped fin (1 mg/day) and started ru immediately, bought it through anageninc. I don't know if its the fin shedding but yes it feels like it, I've been there before and its shedding is not stopping .. I'm gonna get back on fin today hoping it would stop .. I was hoping someone would help me with this issue !

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    It could also be a dud batch or something, how do you store your powders and where do you get them from? I've tried a couple of sellers and the potency seems to vary by quite a lot where 1 batch did next to nothing for me.

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