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    Default am i allergic to minoxidil or propylene glycol, 4/5th week of use...

    Evening all

    question basically im currently 7 weeks post fue began using lipogaine after my 2nd week however recently particularly today i have noticed i have got bumps all over my scalp
    there not itchy or inflamed the ones on my crown was however i managed to control it with emu oil thank god..

    however i now have some rash on my cheeks and my ears are itchy/ dry... wtf is this?

    plus under a direct spotlight i can now see on my once flawless wrinkle and spot free forehead - no lie it really was flawless!! i now have just rough looking skin and loads of small not spots but bumps there not noticeable however if you get a light on it you can see them, still annoying though... i imagine in sunlight on a bright day it would be noticeable.

    has anyone else had these effects? you reckon its cause of the propylene glycol and if i should switch to the sensitive version..


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