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    Hello Falcon, thanks for your suggestion. I'm an Atheist so I don't really believe in stuff like that (sadly or not). I've been looking for a decent psychologist these couple weeks. The thing about these meds is that they haven't been doing much for me, unfortunately. I've been really taking into consideration going for the hai system path and see if it bring back my happyness. I want to either go back to gym or play tenis once again, which has been kind of hard since I'll be working and studying starting next month.

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    We all can strive towards what ever goal we have in life, no matter what faith we have.

    As men we are very hardwired to seek womens acceptance and we wish to please them.

    Go to youtube and listen about Mgtow, the goal is not to hate woman, but to understand yourself and inclination.

    It might help you more then you might think, but you have to listen to a few videos, maybe you can seach "sandman" as a starting point..

    Tennis will not get you muscle but lifting weights can and I feel better when I lift.

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    As dumb as this is gonna sound (cause I'm in the same boat and told myself several times) the best thing to do is focus on other aspects of your being and accept the fact your losing your hair. You can cough up a small fortune and get a transplant and run the risk of not being happy with the results or you can try min/fin and fight for every last follicle. But more than likely they won't give you the full head of hair you dream of. My advice. Experiment with different cuts. Read that book you've been interested in. Lose that weight/gain that muscle mass, go on that trip. Enjoy. Your. Life. It is soooo much more than hair my friend. You've got this

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