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    We must love ourselves and be able to cope with the worst adversities in our lives. Do not give up, this is only your life, and only you can change something. Perhaps will help you because there are a large number of essays on adversity collected there. Surround yourself with only positive people and learn to think positively. You will definitely be healthy, but please do not forget about the importance of your mental health.

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    I'm so sorry you had to go through all these troubled waters. It's hard for me/us to suggest anything because we're not professional workers in this sphere. There are plenty of rehabs centers that could help you match the suitable program for you. I'm a father, and I'm also an alcoholic diagnosed with the third stage of alcoholism. Fortunately, I attended online aa meetings These steps indeed help you to integrate into healthy social life. It's hard to manage with all, but thinking about my son's well-being gives me the power to live further.

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