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    Unhappy Am I balding? My obsession

    So I'm 22 y/o, since I was 19 I have obsessed over hairloss, most of my friends who are the same age as me have gone or are going bald. Therefore that has lead to them teasing me about it saying I'll be next etc.
    Since 19 I have completely obsessed over it to the point where the first thing I look at when I see a man is there hairline, and its got progressively worse sometimes I will analyse their chances of going bald.
    I am constantly checking my hair in the mirror even at work I will go to the toilet and check it in the mirror, if I go past a parked car I'll check my hair in the window reflection, shop windows etc you get the picture.
    I've attached some picture. My crown looks and feels great, really dense but the front of my scalp hair feels so thin and I can't style it without it looking dreadful, I've always had a V shaped hairline but I feel it has progressed by maybe 2cm and the whole front feels thin up to the middle of my head.
    The worst part of it all that makes me depressed is that my dad, his dad and brothers all have thick nw1.5s so I feel like the odd one out, a freak.
    I've booked a doctors appointment and am interested in Finasteride and Minoxidil. But I just want opinions on whether or not you think im balding.
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    Just to add: I only see maybe 10 hairs fall
    Out a day, maybe 5 In the bath after I've washed my hair. But I'm not sure if you shed a lot with a receding hair line or of that's just diffuse.
    Even as a kid I had a V shaped hairline

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    It does look like you have hairline recession. In general, if we notice recession and see or feel less volume in the hair, then it is not just imagination and the hairloss process has most likely begun.
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    Maybe just maturing a little if you have always had the V shaped hairline.

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