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    Default top 5 surgeon fue

    hello everyone!
    Sorry if my english is bad, i am italian, i speak little english and i don't understand spanish unfortunately....
    So, i would like to ask you, in your opinion, who are the best surgeon fue in the world? Could you write me a list about the best five ? thank you very much! i have some idea but I'm very undecided...
    I live in europa so if the best is in europa i would be very happy but i haven 't problem to move , to go to the best in the world...
    I know than hasson ( who should be the best in the world )recently has worked with fue, but there are few cases about hasson's fue...
    I'm interested about a dense pack

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    Id have to say Dr Dr. Koray Erdogan is top 3 in Europe.

    From having an FUE recently with him, the whole experience was fantastic. I have not seen my results yet (only had op 6 weeks ago) however, judging by his results online, I am sure I will be happy.

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    top 3? and the others 2 before who they are?

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    It is the surgeon that does all critical aspects of surgery, with attention to detail, and methods that reduce follicle death. Everything has to have a proper surgical protocol.

    So, that list is probably really small for FUE, a very intricate procedure.

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    Default Dr. Baubac explains why he does all his own FUE harvesting

    The first question thing I would look at when researching FUE surgeons and clinics is, who is doing the FUE harvesting?? The doctor himself? A Physician assistant? A technician?

    Undergoing a Hair Restoration is a life changing decision. For such an important choice it is important to know who is performing your FUE Hair Restoration procedure.

    At many other clinics, even here in the United States, Physician Assistants, Technicians as well as untrained and unlicensed medical personal are doing the FUE Extractions and harvesting for the procedures. Not your hair restoration surgeon.

    Here Dr. Baubac explains why he does all his own FUE harvesting at our Beverly Hiulls Clinic:
    I represent Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi
    Member, International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons
    View Dr. Hayatdavoudi's IAHRS Profile

    visit our website:

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