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    Default Me 20 vs 27 years old (1 year on Finasteride)

    So, I've now done Finasteride for about 1 year and 1 month. I've had 2 breaks during this time due to I thought I've had problems getting "it" up. I still think this is just in my head though, but stopped to be safe. These breaks were about 2-6 weeks.

    My dosage has been from 0.33mg to 0.5 mg/day. Last months I've done 0.5 mg/day though.

    I noticed that my hair was getting really thin when I was about 25 and that I was starting to get one visible temple. So I started finasteride at 26. My results today? I'm not sure. My one temple has actually gotten a bit bigger, even though it's hard to see on pictures.

    I actually found the pictures of me at 20 years old just few days ago. Seems like I had really thin hair even when I was younger. What do you guys think? Have I gotten thicker hair or is it due to longer hair only? If so, that's the result I've gotten from Finasteride.

    20 years old.

    27 years old.


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