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    Default New idea how to expose HASCI

    Somebody on the Dutch forum just said, why don't you shave an ex HASCI patient's donor bald, make highres photos, search for the micro scars and you can prove like that that it doesn't work ? I've never thought of it, but somebody who had 2000 HST's done will have 2000 scars without hair growing back. The question though is, will those be visible if you shave somebody's donor 100% bald ? I've never tried it myself, I don't like the 100% bald look, but I wonder if somebody did shave it all off 100% grade 0 and could see the scars?

    IF the scars are visible on photo's, then this would probably be THE easiest way to show that it's all a scam. I know the research by 'AlmostUndone' also shows it already but it's extremely difficult to replicate for other patients.

    Then again it might be really hard to see the scars. I just don't know how feasible it is. So I wondered if any ex HASCI patient here ever shaved grade 0 ?

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    Ah no, bad idea, it's not even possible of course. As we've seen from the research by "AlmostUndone" HASCI mostly splits hairs, so 2 hair grafts grow back as 1 in donor, so you won't find that many 'empty' scars like you'd see with a FUE. Nope, I guess the only way is to do all the research that AlmostUndone did.

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