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    Default Where to order full caps that last? (No tangling in the nape)

    Ever since I went from topuet to full-cap (because my sides have thinned down to 30%) I've been facing immense trouble with my full caps. As my former (toupet) supplier wanted very high prices for full caps, I couldn't afford it and went looking for orders directly from Chinese factories, with all the same specs.

    I took me a lot of e-mailing with various suppliers there, to finally find one or two sellers who'd produce exactly what I need:
    - full transparent swiss lace base customized by measurements of my head.
    - 100% human hair, 14 inches, permanent wide curls, dark brown, freestyle ventilation
    - no combs or straps

    - I want to bond the full cap down permanently for 7+ days in a row.
    - So I will sleep, workout and shower with the unit on.

    So far so good. When I receive the wig it always looks SUPER. exactly how I want it, there are so many specifications and details that can be made wrong, so I'm currently happy that I found 2 China suppliers at affordable price. In the beginning, the hair is smooth and soft ... just to fall in love with.

    But although I really do take care of the hair and had 7+ years experience with toupet hair before, always after 4-5 weeks, I cannot help the hair becoming stiff and brittle and dull in the nape area. Always tangling in a horrible way, not only the ends, but the entire hair.

    I tried cutting it shorter (down to 2 inches) but it still tangles like hell - so length is not the problem there.
    I changed bonding method, from tape to glue and back... or going glueless and sweing in an elastic band - still the same tangling.

    It starts at about week 4 or 5... and get's worse quickly, so at week 8 I have no option but throwing the wig in the trash and order a new one. So maximum lifespan is 2 month (though I sometimes wear it 14 days longer, but feel extremely uncomfortable with it).

    Why is it so??? How can I tell good from bad hair quality when it is super perfect during the first weeks?

    Is there anything known what cheap sellers do "wrong" in the nape area when making a wig? I have cut it so short that it doesn't even touch my shoulders or cloths, so it cannot be a friction problem.

    My newest wig got those problems even on day 1 (after frist shampooing)!! (already made a customer complaint)... and again it's only in the nape area - even before wearing it at all. The hair seems like barb-hooking with each other all the way down.

    So, I really really need help to find a supplier who can offer me all the same specs but delivers a hair (or knotting) quality with which one can go 6+ month (I've seen women on youtube, saying their wigs last 2 years(!) and are still nice then... mine is irreparable bird's nest after only 2 months(!))

    With the cheap orders from china I paid about 200 USD, and I though it was a good deal, as the hair REALLY LOOKS NICE when it arrives. But when I have to order over and over again, it becomes to expensive.

    On the other hand: If some seller tells me "we have the best quality, you'll get no tangling (that's what all of them say!!) ... but quality has its price, will be 800 USD for a full cap", then WHO garantues me, that I wonÄt get into exactly the same trouble, and the wig is maybe actually made in exactly the same Chinese factory with the same hair, and the rest of the price is just the trader's profit?

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