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    Default Dr recommendations for FUE in the UK


    I'm struggling to find out the best place to get 1500 FUE grafts.
    2 friends have used Vinci in Malaga, but I find mixed reviews and no reviews for the surgeon online.

    I also find mixed reviews for most of the UK centers!

    Can anyone recommend a good practitioner in the UK?
    Or should I just go ahead and book Vinci in Malaga?

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    I see that nobody has responded to your post, so I thought I would offer some advice.

    Do not limit yourself to only doctors or clinics in your immediate area.

    This procedure is important enough that you shouldn't be afraid to take a trip to have the procedure. The result you have will be there for the rest of your life.

    Research the top FUE doctors in the world. Make a list of doctors whose philosophy you feel most comfortable with as well as whose results you like the best.

    Submit your hair loss photos to your top 3 or 4 clinics that made your list (based on results) for online consultations. Compare the evaluations that you receive back from each clinic.

    Then, have a phone consultation with the head surgeon of each clinic you received an evaluation from to discuss in further detail.

    After all this is done, give it some thought and if one clinic stands out above the rest and you are still certain you want a hair restoration, then that is the clinic you should consider moving forward with.
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