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    Default Wearing a hat post fue? how did you conceal

    just wonderingi had surgery on the 21/22 2 days im back to work this monday, im assuming its ok to wear a loose fitting beanie without fear of damaging or dislodging/
    moving the grafts...

    think i read somewhere that the grafts were secure after 10 days but still a bit cautious..


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    Yes, by 10 grafts are secure. You can wear a hat before then. The most important point is to be very careful taking it on and off.

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    You can wear a hat no issues just simply respect the HT. After the 7/10 days the new HT fu's are absolutely safe so do not worry !
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    Absolutely! I was fortunate enough to be able to wear one those 50s style paper boy hats to work following my procedure and it was a huge stress reliever. You've made it past the danger zone where you need to be extra cautious, so go ahead and cover your head.

    With it being a beanie, I will say that you just wanna make sure that you're keeping your scalp clean and dry should you sweat in the beanie... It won't impact the grafts, but it could cause irritation/pimples on your scalp (which are already likely to occur with or without the beanie), so wash your scalp when you get home from work as instructed by your doctor to try and minimize this. I got a few pimples in my hairline during this time, so just be aware. (Also - don't pop them when/if they occur!)
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    At 10 days it is safe to wear a loose fitting hat. Be careful putting it on and taking it off and make sure the hat is clean.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spex View Post

    You can wear a hat no issues just simply respect the HT. After the 7/10 days the new HT fu's are absolutely safe so do not worry !
    Hi Spex. How soon after a HT would you say it is safe to use Toppik again? And as for the hair transplanted how soon after would you say pull and tuck of the grafts through the day wont effect the grafts if you know what i mean eg. at the barbers /daily random activities etc..

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