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    Default Ketoconazole systemic absorption!

    Alright, my first post here. so i've been researching extensively the past few months deciding what route to go with treating my hair loss. Finasteride is my last resort because i like having DHT flowing through my veins. Anyway seeing the results in that Japanese study about ketoconazole 2% ointment over 6 months, the great results they got I was about to order pure ketoconazole online to dissolve in kirkland minoxidil. In animal studies blood levels of ketoconazole from topical application was undetectable, however I just read that in a human study with a much lower limit for detection the blood level was fluctuated between .22ng/mL and .55 ng/ml. this doesn't sound like much but according to another website dht serum levels average between 220-990pg/mL or .22-.99ng/mL. so ketoconazole is absorbed systemically enough to be as high as DHT levels, which sounds dangerous to me if it's known to possibly interrupt DHT pathways. does anyone have any reason to believe that this level of ketoconazole in the blood is NOT enough to effectively block DHT receptors globally?

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    here's the website detailing the study about topical ketoconazole absorption:

    and about dht levels:

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