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    Unhappy What could my hair loss be caused from?

    Hey there maybe someone could shed some light on my situation. I am 33 years old and i been suffering from hair loss. I started to notice at about 29 years old. Wasn't drastic but was gradual. My hairline has receeded quite a bit since then, it's worse on my right side and it seems to be thinning beside the temple above my ear aswell. Crown seems to be okay. I would say I am a Norwood 2, maybe 3. I use to have thick hair all over and never thought i would go bald but now it's really thin in the front and have a widows peak that seems to be getting worse... My dad is bald and my brother who is a year older is getting bald like me, receeding hairline but his is a little worse than mine. My dad grew up with light hair and my brother is a redhead. I am dark hair like my mom and sister so I figured I inherited her gene and her dad had full head of hair up until his death when he was 85. But I am the only one in the family that has constant acne on my face, back, and have oily skin. I've had this pretty much since I was 17. So could my condition be a hormone imbalance or diet related? Since I seem to have oily skin, especially the forehead and acne on face and back and hair loss...Could it be thyroid related? Since my sister has thyroid problem but hers is weight gain. I am not fat, im 511 170lbs...If anyone has any advice on this I would sure appreciate their help. Thank you

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    By far the most likely cause of your hairloss would be androgenetic alopecia, AKA male pattern balding. This is a condition that is a combination of hormones and genetics and it isn't unheard of for other conditions, such as acne, to exist as well as the loss of hair. It's unlikely that any other hormonal imbalance is responsible for your hairloss, but it might be worth getting the relevant blood tests to rule out other causes.
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