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    Default Increased Sex Drive from Finasteride?

    First off, I apologise to any guys that have experienced decreased libido after finasteride. I understand this post is something that might frustrate you. But I feel like I need to ask this because I really do feel like finasteride had an increased effect on my sex drive. And to be honest, the fact that finasteride is affecting my sex drive is quite concerning to me. I'm thinking that if the drug has the capacity to increase sex drive, maybe it has the capacity to decrease it too?

    I'm really curious has anyone else experienced increased sex drive from finasteride? I've been taking finasteride for 2 years now. I remember the very first week I took it I got absolute concrete erections - erections so hard that I really felt like the drug was the reason for it. About 2 months ago, I woke up with an erection that wouldn't go away. Even after masturbation the erection wouldn't go away (which was incredibly concerning at the time). This had never happened to me before.

    I really hope I don't receive a torrent of abuse here, but has anyone experienced harder erections/increase sex drive after using finasteride?

    Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

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    I have been on fin since december 2016 and have in my opinion had a raised libido since then, but it can also be in my head. This whole ordeal with hairloss is very stressfull and jerking off is a way to lower stresslevels. Safe to say is also that after approx 13 months on fin my hair has continued to detoriated, guessing i have had an upregulation, but i will probably never be sure, and i will probably continue with fin hoping i will reap some kind of benefit in the future.

    How is your hair currently and compared from the start?

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