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    Quote Originally Posted by DAVE52 View Post
    Keep it buzzed that way if you do progress know one will know the difference or at least the shock uf seeing u with short hair wont be there

    Do you think I'm in the clear right now? Or is this the beginning of a real slow, gradual progression. Keeping short hair for now and going to buzz it again probably without a guard. But I'd like the freedom and flexibility to do whatever I want with my hair. I think that's one of the appeals of keeping it, apart from looks. To be able to do whatever the fk u want!

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    Hey everyone again. I'm sorry for spamming/bumping. But I really want y'all to see my "area" of concern. I side swept my hair after the shower. The side where I part my hair really has me concerned. Thoughts?


    I just don't know if it's always been like that or what. Had bangs my whole life and now when I try to show my forehead and reveal the hairline I just get self conscious. Am I a NW2 on one side?

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