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    Default Does minoxidil give you wrinkles?


    I'm about to start using Minixidil 5%, but i find a lot of horror stories about it causing wrinkels, dark circles under the eyes and skin aging.
    It's so confusing- when you read doctor's opinion about it- they all say it's not causing any skin damage, on the other hand- in forums you find hundreds of stories of users who say minoxidil ruined their face... .
    i'd rather be bald then look like an old i have to choose between my hair and my face?
    What's the "truth" about it?
    Should i start using minoxidil?
    What do you guys think?
    I'd like to hear your stories and opinions about it. did it give you wrinkels or any other skin damage?


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    I've applied it to my face for over 2 years to grow a beard where I couldn't grow facial hear before (which worked perfectly btw) and I wouldn't say it's caused wrinkles at all.

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    There's no study or medical professional that would say there's a link between Minoxidil and wrinkles. It's up to you whether you want to believe strangers on the internet, because even then the vast majority of users online would say it hasn't affected their skin. I can't speak for every person who does says it did cause wrinkles, but I do think some of them may be confusing natural aging with side effects (i.e. 'I've used Minoxidil for 5 years and now I have wrinkles, it's definitely the Minoxidil and not me being 5 years older!')

    You can always try it out, then stop it if you think it's impacting your skin negatively.
    I am a representative for Dr. Sean Behnam in Los Angeles, CA.
    My opinions are my own.

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    If I remember correctly there is a study that minoxidil affects collagen production, so it could be true.

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