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    Hi. I have been losing hair since I was 12 or 13. Back then, I wasn't even too much sure of it of what it even was. Until I was 16 or 17, realizing how dreadful it is. Since then my life has changed as you might imagine. Looking back now, my life was pretty much good I may as in comparison to today.

    Presently, it's a struggle to live another day. To give you an idea, the school I go to has all the kids with a full head of hair, leaving me standing out. It has been very difficult. I can't condense what I've been through due to this but to give you an idea, let alone the students or the kids, the teachers won't leave me alone. They think I have styled my hair by trimming the front sides to look "cool". Now tell that to my family, and they go like "it was all due to your hair being long" which to the contrary isn't in comparison to others as other kids had longer(even then me) but weren't picked out. Well, as I have realized it's futile explaining to them.

    The problem is today seems very difficult. Going through school was a breeze earlier and it's gotten even difficult now. What I fear is what the future holds for me. As year by year it keeps getting worse. And worse.

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    Sounds like you should get on the big 3 (Minoxidil, Propecia, and Nizoral). It may take some time, but if worse comes to worse, being bald is not the worst thing that could happen. I know of guys who are balder than Walter White, and are living healthy lives with great women by their side. True friends and partners won't judge you for your appearance. Confidence is always key, although I'm not disregarding the suffering from it. I know it's painful, but my best advice is just to remain as optimistic as you can, and fight the good fight.

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    Oh, and beside the big 3, you can always try the Balayam technique (just Google it). Apparently, some people have had some success with it, as facetious as it sounds. But it could always be worth a shot for that extra insurance. Best of luck.

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