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    When I was a kid I never thought I would deal with hairloss, I have had amazing hair for most of my life. To the point where I use to get a lot of compliments and praise. Iím 20 years old, now when I get a compliment it doesnít even feel like it use to because I know my hair is going. about a NW 2b probably approaching NW3, Iím super fit, good with girls, handsome, socially, mentally, good student, spiritually, financially(co owner in businesses) etc. I like to consider myself to be in a great path, I have a lot of interests and am very versatile in life. I put it as Iím a renaissance man in the making. I have been dealing with hair loss since 14, I remeber getting a haircut coming home and looking at my hairline as it looked a little off, as time progressed I knew this was a real problem I was dealing with to the point I was doing extensive research starting in Highschool about treatments and hair transplants etc. As my problem got worse so did my worry for it, how is there no cure? It doesnít make no sense to me, there has to be something I tell myself. It really hit me when on my 20th Birthday I wanted to slick my hair back for leather jacket/aviator shades type look and I immediately realized that I CANT do it, I just donít have the hair line for it. So I got on propecia the next day. Itís been 5 weeks on propecia and it hasnít kicked in hair is still falling and Itís frustrating as there is nothing I can do. As men, we like to be in control we like to have the security that if I put my head to it I can solve my problems. And yes I donít have it super bad like some people I have seen online, guys younger than me being fully bald. Itís just not right though, I donít mind being bald but at the appropriate age ya know, I have a full beard already so I wouldnít mind being 38 and growing a big beard and buzzing down my head, but 20 is too young! I get all the points about we shouldnít be altered with societies perception of ďbeautyĒ and all those arguments which I totally get. But when I see my myself being complete I see myself with hair, my hope is I get a transplant by 23 and get 3-4 more through tour my life (IF there is no cure,which im hoping will come as there is promising research with stem cells and other things) Planning to get on rogaine soon too and derma rolling, to do as much as I can. Iím a very positive indivisible but hair loss can be tough to deal with, specially at such a young and age and you canít even pull off a normal hairstyle. I have long bangs which I slowly am not able to pull off either for now and am thinking of cutting my hair shorter but it will really reveal my crowns(any suggestions for hairstyles?) I donít think anyone should be defined by their hair and there are much bigger problems in life but I sympathize with young guys dealing with it itís truly a different thing to handle and can be more worrisome and detrimental than people give it credit for. I still canít belive this is a problem in 2017, I mean the technology is insane nowadays if you read about Artifical intelligence, Stem cells, blood work, robotics, specially in the medical field there is such innovation, how can hair loss research be so behind and that conspiracy theory argument of the big companies that already have treatments out stop further research so they can keep the market share profit is pretty much false. I am very confident but I can see being shaken by this, looking in the mirror longer than usual, analyzing my hair, worrying about bald spots, being super careful with my hair(which I donít like since Iím very active and it gets in the way of that) I admit to consuming my time and thoughts more than I would like. It truly is affecting me. I hope to fight and win this battle and keep my hair in my young years. I do have a few questions also if you guys want to chime in..Is there a way a guy my age can keep his hair with medication and transplant? I would like to think so, hair transplants are good now but here and there I still hear about them Not being a sure shot and ďshock lossĒ worries me too(losing more hair because of HT which ) what is shock loss?
    Can I get a HT at this young age and maintain 3-4 more thought my life? Iím not asking for glorious locks, just enough hair line to pull of regular styles.
    Is a HT worth it?
    Is there a case where I just canít fight it?
    I havenít had any side effetcs with propecia things seem ok but should I be worried? Seems like people either love or hate propecia

    Any other things,tips, advice, words of reality would be appreciated.

    Thank you all.

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    Also, should I start rogain? I heard
    it has a shed thatís pretty bad? Iím iffy on starting it. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks again guys!

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    Do you have any pictures to show? Hair Transplant isn't worth it for you right now as you could continue to recede and would make your hair look.. weird. You could hop on Minoxidil for a couple of months and see if your hairline keep receding. If you decide to try Minox, you will also need a Ketoconazole shampoo (I suggest Nizoral) to reduce the stress and inflammation caused by Minox.

    I would also suggest you to read these two studies regarding Minoxidil:

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    Try anything that helps regrow your hair. You have the best chance when you're young. Once it is dead for a decade or so, your chances will go down to zero.

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    Next time when you have a birthday visit

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