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    Thanks for the prompt reply, and for your lovely best wishes! I'm 44 and should be starting on estrogen, providing my blood test results are OK, by about the end of February. I've been balding for the past 15 years or so I guess.

    OK, I shall go for the 5% mix and see how I go with that. Is that the strongest one? Also, I noticed there's female version of Regaine called Regaine for Women. What is the difference between that and the male version - and would I better to go on to that once I start HRT?

    If anyone could recommend the best derma roller out there, that would be fab! xxx

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    PS Which is best out of solution and foam? Sorry for so many questions!

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    Hi! I'm newbie too and I just want to wish you good luck!

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    Thanks Ryn, and the same to you. Can anyone help with my queries?

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    Impressive photos but I think i'm going to first try cause i saw the same kind of results on their ebook so whos to say natural can't work

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    Actually you will always have testosterone in your system. Good luck on your journey. I used to scrub on gender re assignment cases and saw some great results. Estrogen could help with hair loss, let us know. I'd stay away from homeopathic products period as there is more BS out there than anything.

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