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    Default What would you do?

    Hello. I'm 33. Been losing my hair for years but now wondering what the options are. I'm basically using clippers on the lowest setting but haven't got the courage to do it without a guard yet. I've considered a few options. I think hair transplant surgery is out of the question due to the widespread balding. I'm interested in SMPT but I realise it's not the wonder that the clinics make out to be.

    Anyone got any thoughts?

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    I'm not sure if it's too late, but you can try the Big three perhaps? Not guaranteeing it'll work though.

    Hairpiece is also an option! they look amazing and I would certainly do the latter if I were you

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    It's possible that you'll respond well to Rogaine and Propecia, but I doubt if the gains will be significant. What is stopping you from buzzing right down? You're pretty much there already.
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    At this point, you can try meds, get smp, get hairpiece, wait for hair cloning. Id definitely agree that surgery should be outside the question.

    I agree some of those hairpieces nowadays, are definitely much better than transplants.

    If you are set on smp, there is a place in New York I believe that does decent work. However, I do not think we know the risks for sure, long term.

    Best of luck.

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    I personally think that if you can accept your hair loss and move on without doing anything then you'll be much happier and freer. But....

    I know most guys can't "just move on" so that means you have to take the time to REALLY consider your options carefully.

    Surgery - You're a pretty good candidate in that you have the right kind of hair, coarse and "salt & pepper", so you not only get good coverage, hair for hair, compared to people with finer hair but your hair color gives the appearance of stronger coverage due to the way that it affects the visual of your scalp. Salt & pepper hair always gives the best coverage for patients with more advanced loss.

    Which type of surgery?
    1. Strip surgery will give you the best bank for the buck and can really make a big difference for you. One session for the front and then a second session for session in the back a year later and you'll have enough hair to style and only a "thinning" appearance instead of being straight up bald (if it all grows as expected).

    2 FUE surgery exists for one reason and one reason only. The strip scar is not something that can be guaranteed so short haircuts like you have in your photos aren't usually possible. Sometimes they heal very well and you can in fact continue with short haircuts like you have, most of the time they do not. But again, one session for the front, a year later one session for the back, and you're good (if it all grows as expected).

    SMP - Here you have two options, temporary which is usually referred to as "tricopigmetnation" or permanent, of which there are a variety of various flavors. My preference is tricopigmentation.

    Wigs - Sean is right, there are some really great wigs out there but the down side is knowing you're wearing a wig, the risk of it coming off at the worst time possible, intimate moments can be awkward, etc.

    Owning it - Again, this is the best option because it gives you the only guarantee of NOT getting screwed up somehow. Try going shorter with your haircut to see how it looks and go from there. If you don't like it then you can at least cross one option off your list without the test being permanent.

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    Any chance you can try to completely buzz it over the holidays and see if it's something you could find yourself happy with? I agree that if you're able to go this route, this is going to be the easiest path for you both financially and emotionally. Even the best hair transplants with the best surgeons come with a fair amount of stress as you have to manage your expectations, wait a good amount of time to see results, often have a second/third procedure, etc... It's definitely a commitment and an investment, so you just need to decide for yourself how important it all is to you.
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