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    Default I'm suffering from significant Hairloss and Dont know its type

    I faced a death in my family 18 months ago and suffered from insomnia. apart from that i stayed depressed for other reasons for months. I had really great hairs back then and have a good family history on the paternal side. But my Maternal uncles and grandfather are bald.

    around 9 months ago I noticed extreme amount of dandruff but i ignored it and continued to do so until 1.5 months ago and now I'm stuck with this.When that dandruff appeared, I continued to face traumatic stress and depression issues for many more months.
    most of my hairloss is on the front part of the head and on the crown. also, dandruff disappeared now when I started moisturising and washing daily and sometimes alternative days.

    But I need your suggestions, what do you guys think is it male patterned baldness, is it TE or both ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rybijanotyvy View Post
    It is a stress related hair loss. Get enough rest and eat a healthy diet. You can use coconut oil for hair loss, it encourages regrowth.
    I agree with you

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    Stress can cause hair loss three months after the event. It doesn't look like "standard" Androgen alopecia. You might want to get it checked, just to be on the safe side.

    Some ethnic groups have thicker hair, but less populated. So, you might not be suffering
    from baldness. Best of luck.

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    Hey, how you dealt with insomnia? I've tried every possible way down to ancient scrolls And the only thing helped me was online hypnosis.
    No idea why, maybe gentle woman's voice brought me back to deep childhood where my mother read tales for me i don't know. But it worked extremely well.
    I listened to it here btw https://sleephypnopill.com/

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