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    Default Creatine HCL and Hairloss

    Anyone have experience with Creatine HCL?
    ANd what are your thoughts on Creatine HCL and the relation to hairloss?

    We all know the study on the rugby team (, which considered "regular" mono-hydrate creatine.

    This topic is dedicated to Creatine HCL only

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    Can't say for sure but I do not remember seeing an increase of hair loss when using creatine over many months.

    My opinion is that the study is not long enough to Determining the long-term effects and ratio on DHT:T,
    It could go back down again over time.

    There should be done futher study on creatine long term.

    If you are worried or thinning then don't use creatine, better safe then sorry

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    5g over will cause hair shed and itchy scalp, my advice stick to 3g. Also I would wash the scalp daily with a good keto shampoo whilst on creatine cycle. I have many experiences with pre workout and different types of creatine. Avoid the 10g per serving ones and stick to basic normal mono creatine.

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