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    Default Finasteride twice a day

    my scalp feels better after taking finasteride brand name propecia for a while but it hasnt halted my loss yet, I think I need more because it is working but just not enough.

    Would it be a good idea to take it twice a day?

    I can probably get my hands on another perscription.

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    Not advisable to take it twice a day. How long have you been taking it - Have you even it long enough to work ?
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    I've been taking generic for 8 months and then Brand name for 2 months and shedding decreases but I still shed and have not seen a huge improvement in hair.

    before I began Finasteride last year I had a very irritable and itchy scalp like i could feel the follicles being attacked. After finasteride the itching subsided but I can still feel it. Maybe my DHT levels aren't low enough. SPEX, do you if i just took a higher dose once a day my DHT levels will be lower? All I want is to stabilize my hair loss, and for my scalp/follicles not to feel so inflamed and itchy.

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    Did u give minox and nizoral a try

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    Hi, I would recommend nizoral 2% 2-4 times a week. Nizoral is a ketoconazole shampoo that acts as an anti-inflammatory which promotes hair growth and thickness. A study is overviewed:
    'The study included four groups: AGA (androgenic alopecia) + ketoconazole group, AGA + normal shampoo group, control + ketoconazole group, and control + normal shampoo group. Participants in the first two groups were the ones suffering from hair loss, while everyone in the two control groups had full heads of hair. The ketoconazole groups washed their hair with Nizoral shampoo 2-4 times per week for 21 months. The results indicated that hair thickness and or growth per square cm had improved between the study duration of 0-21 months. Between months 3 and 6 a slight reduction in PI (hair thickness and growth) was apparent however after the 6 month mark, the PI increased considerably and continued a postive trend up until month 21 which concluded the study. However, the trend suggests further improvement past the 21 month mark.'
    As for the finasteride, it is recommended to stay on the drug for 12 months. In Merck's study they found that 1mg a day was the sweet spot for therapy and depicted that the best results were seen at that dosage. I recommend you stay on 1mg or 1.25mg (proscar) a day until the 12 month mark. If you start nizoral now, expect anti-inflammatory results immediately and Hair quality results after 6 months.
    EDIT: You will need to stay on these medications indefinitely to continue experiencing the benefits
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