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    Question Plan to tackle hair loss - what are your thoughts?

    Hi all,

    I am new to the forum and am writing to share with you my plan for tackling hair loss and request your advice/views. I am a 29 yo male and I have been suffering from hair loss for a few years.

    Hair was never one of my strengths, I think that my density has always been average and my hair is quite thin. However, thinning was very minimal till a couple of years back, so it was unnoticeable in reality. In the last couple of years things changed: I have lost a substantial amount of hair on the top of my head - see pics attached. What may be important to mention is that I am losing hair from a broad area, however I am not 'bald' anywhere yet, i.e. my hairline has not moved, my crown is not worse than other parts. Looking at Norwood types, it seems to me that, when the loss gets worse, it may fit with the 5 type.

    I have been on Minoxidil for a while, although started applying it consistently only a few months ago. I think it helps, as it has stopped shedding lately, but I know it will not be able to produce the improvement I am looking for without surgery. Also, let me point out that I am negative to taking propecia - after doing some research I recognise that it helps, however I am not willing to risk experiencing the side effects.

    So here is the plan: looking to book a FUE for around 2000 grafts. I hope that this will cover quite well for a few years, while it will leave a good amount of extra hair in the donor area for future procedures, if required. Hopefully, in a few years hair cloning will also be available, which could be a game changer! In terms of my budget, I am looking at around 2 euro per graft that would translate to £4,000. If I find someone exceptional, I may consider to go up to 15% more, but I don't see the point in paying more.

    Now to the point: while I am based in London, I am originally from Greece. I reached out to my network to see whether there are any good doctors / clinics over there and a few friends, who are doctors, pointed me to DHI. Their price is very reasonable and a couple of people who tried them were pleased with the result. However, I have not been able to find a lot of feedback online on them and looking for more info before making a decision.

    If I don't go with DHI, I am thinking to make contact with the following, who have gathered a lot of positive comments in various forums:
    Erdogan, Rahal, Demirsoy, Doganay, Bhatti, Bisanga, Lorenzo, Lupanzula, Hasson & Wong

    Could you please advise:
    1/ do you have any info on DHI or other Greek clinics / doctors you would suggest?
    2/ given the info I have provided above (procedure, no of grafts, budget etc.), who would you suggest from the above list?
    3/ if you were in my shoes, would you do anything differently and, if yes, why?

    Any advice will be much appreciated!

    Kind regards,

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