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    Default Sexual dysfunction and Finasteride

    Hello everyone,

    I am a 25 year old man. I took several medications that induced me various sexual problems (and others side effects: BIG hairloss, Vitiligo, weight gain, etc.). I weaned everything in March 2014, but the problems still persist.

    The medicines I took:
    -Prozac 40 mg / day (2006 to 2014)
    -Risperidone 1.75 mg / day (1999 to 2014)

    -Concerta 90 mg / day (1999 to 2014)
    -Finasteride 0.25 mg / day (2014 to 2016)

    The various sexual problems that persist:
    • decreased libido
    Difficulty in initiating and maintaining an erection
    • delay of orgasms
    • reduction of pleasure during orgasm
    • decreased penis sensitivity
    • loss of response to sexual stimulation
    • reduction of ejaculated semen volume

    I do not band anymore by myself. I have no erections in the morning when I get up. I must absolutely stimulate myself manually and be very focused in my fantasies. The most I can get is 1/2 erection, and when I stop stimulating myself manually and / or mentally, I automatically lose my semi-erection. When I'm with a partner, it's a disaster every time. Whether I'm alone or in a relationship, it takes me between 1 and 3 hours before I can ejaculate.

    I need treatments to attack every aspect of sexual dysfunction. Viagra and Cialis can help me only temporarily and they will only help for one aspect, that of maintaining an erection.

    Are there or will there be treatments to restore my initial libido (I gradually went from 8 cravings per day to 1-2 times a day), give me back the absolute control I had for to be able to ejaculate when it seems to me (it takes me more than an hour now), give me back my ability to automatically bandage with a complete erection (without resorting to masturbation and Viagra / Cialis)?

    If there is no cure, are there treatments to at least alleviate all my problems?

    The thing is that it gets worse from year to year and it scares me. This is the time I start to heal myself.

    As for the "erections" aspect, I need you to suggest reliable sites for the cheapest possible Viagra / Cialis please.

    I live in Quebec (Canada), so I will need Canadian or American sites.

    I found this site: lis-online-en.html ... I do not know if anyone knows it, but it seems to be European ...

    I was suggested this one, but I do not know if it is reliable (it looks expensive):

    Thank you!

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