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    Do you think there is a correlation between low B12 and Hairloss/Sexuals dysfunctions/Vitiligo/Psoriasis/Always tired?

    Since 16th november, I take Ginkgo Biloba 2X 80mg/day for my libido but... I don't think It's really effective.

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    Well, I don't think these things are linked, I started losing hair much time before I spotted erectile dysfunctions. Maybe the pills you are buying are of a bad quality? They may have some impurities or stuff like that. I get my pills in bulk with a good discount, so if you want to get as well, try Achat kamagra en Suisse

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    have you ever tried viagra ?

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    Hello, friend. I am really sorry to read that. This is a really terrible situation. Those drugs that you've been using had a very bad impact on your sex life. I know what you are feeling, because I am suffering from erectile dysfunction too, I can't have an erection and I have a very low sex drive. However, I went to a doctor and he has prescribed me a special drug for this, called kamagra from I can say that it's really working. It has actually helped me very much, and I am really happy that I have found it. I would recommend you to try it as well, this is the only remedy for this kind of problems..

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