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    Default Opinions On Dr.demirsoy? + How Many Grafts Do I Need?

    Hello all,

    I'm a 24 year old male and was losing hair since I was 18, I started on the big 3 around 6 years ago where I had huge results and my hair improved dramatically ( I'm a diffuse thinner) however as time went by things stabilized and I started losing ground and lost a good amount of density overall after 4 years of treatment (probably has to do with me not sticking to the regimen 100 %) and with a bit experimentation with proscar and avodart I think I have been able to improve my hair a bit from 2 years ago and am currently maintaining.

    I've decided I want to do a hair transplant, however, money is an issue for me. I live in Egypt (very close to Turkey) and decided Turkey would be the most cost-efficient place to do that. Ideally I would choose Dr. Koray Erdogan, however, he is too expensive for me and so after some research I have seen that Dr.Demirsoy has some really good results and a really good cost.

    The problem is there are not many cases on the popular hairloss forums and that scares me. The ones which I did see, I liked. There is also a german forum which has a section for his results which I liked also. So, is Dr. Demirsoy a risky option to take? What are the other good/ chepear than Erdogan doctors in Turkey? Is Dr.Ekrem Civas a decent option?

    I have attached several photos of my hairloss, there are photos which show how I style my hair where I put a bit of concealer on the frontal third and others with nothing. Based on my budget, I think 3000 grafts on the frontal third only with a slight lowering of the hairline and more hair in the temples would be a perfect result for me. What are your thoughts?

    Thank you
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    There is speculation that replicel will be available next year in Japan and you look like you would be a good candidate for it.
    I don't know about Drs in Turkey but I would make sure I meet several of their clients before I made a decision.

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