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    Default 6 Weeks in on Propecia, experiencing sides. Need advice.

    Started taking fin 6 weeks ago. Pros:
    shedding stopped almost completely. no itchy scalp anymore.
    feeling more relaxed as I know I'm doing anything I can to preserve my hair, and stopped worrying about it entirely.

    Had watery semen in the first couple of weeks, but no its back too pretty much normal consistency.
    Experienced ED twice with 2 separate girls. No morning wood Erections are weaker, I can get it hard when I masturbate but the erection disappears very quickly if I stop.
    Loss of sex drive.

    It is really freaking me out. I'm not sure whether to quit, try to half my dose, or I don't know what.
    Will greatly appreciate your advice on the matter. Anything from natural similar treatments or anything really.
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    Will really appreciate some advice!


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    It's really ultimately your choice.

    The fact that the watery semen has gone away is a positive sign that the other side effects may stop too over time. 6 weeks is still fairly early on in the process and personally I'd recommend waiting 2-3 months before assuming the sides will be with you for as long as you're taking Propecia. If by then you're still having issues you can try halving your dose to see if that helps any, but keep in mind it will reduce both the side effects AND its effectiveness. Beyond that, it's just a matter of deciding if the side effects you're left with are worth the improvement in your hair.
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    2 DIFFERENT girls. Sounds to me like your doing ok if you can get 2 different women to do the deed. I'd tell you that from my experience that stuff is not worth it. I have had 2 urologists tell me that for some the bad side effects are permanent I wish I had known that when I started it

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