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    Hi guys! I'm 25 years old and have been on finasteride treatment for about 7 years now. My hair started thinning at very early age in my teens and got prescribed with finasteride and monoxidil. Fair to say that I have no side effects at all with finasteride though I'm worried if that this could alter for the worse? I'm really worried and would love to hear if anyone has any bad experience after year of being on this medication. Oh and also, have started a new topical treatment which goes for 18 weeks currently in my 4th week and can see a few new hairs.

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    Honestly if at 7 years you haven't felt any side effects it's incredibly unlikely you'll start. Obviously nobody can say for certain, but generally speaking if someone is going to have side effects they'll feel them in the first year or two. Now your only concern should be if Finasteride starts to wear off. I'm curious what topical treatment you're using- generally they're semi-permanent routines you have to keep going through, not something you use for a few months and stop. Happy you're seeing progress with it so far!
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    I thought that this may be the case, well my hair is steady but I can definately say finasteride hasn't grown hair anywhere but crown still thins slowly. The topical is a product AQ skin solutions serum supposed to promote healthy growth. If successful I will post before and after pictures. I tried minoxidil for many years though that was a bog waste of money I had dark circled eyes and my face looked much older then it should have. Anything else you could recommend?

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