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Thread: My regimen

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    Default My regimen

    Hey All,

    I have been feeling very down about my hair loss as of late. I am a very studious type of person and will make research-based decisions for almost anything I do. Based on everythong I've read, what I am doing should be kicking @ss but I'm just not seeing anything positive yet. HT is always the sure fire solution, but can't really fork that type of financial commitment over. So here is my regimen that I have been practicing w/o gaps:

    Morning: 1mL 5% kirkland minox
    Afternoon: Fish Oil, Multi
    Shower: MWF - Regenpure Dr, TThSaSu - Regenpure NT, all followed by Regenpure conditioner
    Evening: 1mL 5% kirkland minox, 1.25 fin, 1mL 5% Ru58841, 10,000mcg biotin, Fish oil, Multi

    Is there something else I can be doing? I have been on this regimen for a couple months nlw and haven't noticed a difference. I know 2 months isn't going to change it drastically, but I thought for sure there would be more. Very discouraging after reviewing others' 2 month progress.

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