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    Hi all, first time posting and wanting some advise and help. Im 32 in adelaide australia and have been losing my hair very slowly for the last 6 years, iv tried what seems to be everything, iv tried 5mg fin but got the sides heavy so stopped, my diet is fine, blood tests are fine, iv currently been on 1% fin 5% minox and using a liquard with alot of natural good stuff, iv tried taking vit and supps, vit b12 spray and to much to go through and now iv had enough and assume im one of the ppl who might keep the hair hes got but wont grow back my old hair (iv been told this is most men). I wanting to now bight the bullet and get fue or fut and was wondering if ppl could recommend a great surgeon overseas in a asian country perhaps ? as thats pretty close, i dont want to get it done in australia because the cost is rediculous.PLEASE HELP WHO IS A GREAT FUE OR FUT SERGEON THAT DOES IT FOR A DECENT PRICE ???

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