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    Default Immediate help needed please!!!

    Please Help!

    For months I've been reading about the positives and negatives of FUE VS FUT.

    I've consulted with 2 Doctors in person, wasn't comfortable with their advise.*

    I've consulted online via my pictures and different doctors tell me different things: A highly respected doctor mentioned in this forum from the US advised FUT strip for me via an online consultation (with pictures) but another one from the USA and a highly rated doctor in Turkey both advised a megasession 2 day FUE procedure.*

    When I asked the American doctor who advised FUE about future hair loss in mid scalp that I'm afraid I will run out of graphs and will end up with 2 islands of hair where the*HT*was done (one in front and one in back with no hair in the middle), questioning him about maximizing my donor area by doing FUT first and the better growth rates of FUT, he responded that*
    1) based on my age (44) and current stage of hairloss that I was not going to go bald or lose significantly more hair (I dont believe him), and
    2) that his results are the same or almost the same as FUE in terms of graph survival and growth rate (I didn't believe him here either).
    But if these are not true, why did the famous well respected doctor from Turkey also advise an FUE only megasession?

    I've seen videos of Doctors referring to FUT as the gold standard of hair transplants with pencil-thin scar capabilities, but then I read that even a pencil-thin scar done perfectly by the best doctors can stretch, requiring a wasting of potential hair graphs to cover the scar thereby reducing some potential benefit of FUT (if the scar stretches).


    Here is a rundown of my situation, goals, and concerns:

    1) I want a full crown area, in the sun it looks completely bald. I'm single with no kids and this large balding spot does not help. I read that 35 FUs graphs per square centimeter is a minimum density required for fullness. I measured my bare crown area (multiple times). It is an oval of 10.5 cm X 12.5 cm resulting in an area of 103 cm needing graphs. Even if we round down to 100 cm, the 35 FU graphs/cm = 3,500 graphs minimum (if the 35 number is correct) to acheive a full look. However, I've had doctors tell me they would advise only 1500 to 2500 FU graphs in this crown area. Based on the math this makes no sense to me unless they are expecting me to come back for another filling-in procedure down the road....which i would like to avoid if I can because I need to find a wife and start a family before I totally miss the boat and as it is I will have to lose another 6-12 months waiting for results...which means I'll be 45.

    2) I want to strengthen my current hairline (not necessarily lower it) and to fill in the hair missing at the temple corners. Depending on the Dr, I was advised I would need anywhere from 1300 to 2000 FU graphs to accomplish this.

    3) I was thinking about possibly redesigning the temporal points between the temples and the ears which have flattened out. This would be a bonus but I believe it would create a much more yourhful look if possible (enough graphs).

    4) I am thinning significantly in the frontal forlock area. I know I am supposed to use finisteride to stop or slow the progression of hair loss but I am highly sexual with strong physiological response and urges, it's who I am, and I fear losing that, even a little. However, this poses a problem because I don't know if I will continue losing hair. If the thinning and hairloss does continue (assuming I have future fullness via*HT*in my hairline, corner temples, and crown/vertex), I will end up with an "Island Of Hair" in the front with nothing behind it. This is probably the worst case scenario that I must avoid.

    5) Graph numbers: Doctors have quoted me from 3000 to 4500 to accomplish my goals. If it's true that I needa minimum 35 FU graphs per cm for a full look, that's 3500 right there so i'm not sure that anything less than 4000 graphs will suffice (3500 at crown and 1000 at hairline and temple corners = 4500 with nothing left to fill in thinning frontal forlock area let alone the bonus temporal points?).

    Other Background

    a. My father is 80 and totally bald except his sides and safe zone.
    b. My brother thinned so badly all over that at 21 he had to shave his head.
    c. I had a full head of hair until 30, with slow thinning after, but in the past 2 years have lost a lot more hair than the usual slow trend....I'm not sure if that's temporary or will continue.
    d. I have thick naturally wavy hair, and the safe zone is still thick.
    e. I enjoy keeping the back shaved to a #3, I sometimes prefer a #2 but can live with a #3.
    f. I've had no surgeries or hair restoration before.

    My main concerns is FUE vs FUT (or both?) but am scared about both the FUT scar stretching potential AND the FUE depletion of donor area which may not leave me with enough graphs resulting in an Island of hair in front, but please respond to any portion of my email in which you think you can advise and please indicate your final opinion if you have one on FUT, FUE, or Both.

    Please give your opinions, the more the better, both members and doctors. I'm serious about this and it's the very first priority I have in life right now.*

    Thank you in advance, current pictures attached.
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    This is super huge deal, you need to find a surgeon you trust, completely. Otherwise, you will have an expensive disaster on your head.

    Have you not considered a non-surgical answer? You only have to shave off the thin stuff on top, but you keep the thicker hair, back and sides.

    Good luck

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    Do what your brother did

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    Quote Originally Posted by DAVE52 View Post
    Do what your brother did
    I agree with you. I bet he had beautiful hair before it started to thin, but right now, I think he should either cover it or shave it, or at least buzz it.

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