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    Default 16 yr old confused about his hairloss

    Hi, my names Marcus and i'm really confused about my hair loss because it doesn't seem to follow the normal pattern.

    Most of the hair on my head feels like its thinning. I have thin sideburns, thin hair around the ears, and thin temples. My hairline has also receded about an inch at the temples in less than 3 months.

    My family history for hairloss is a mixed bag. My paternal grandfather, father, and 2 uncles have mature hairlines with some thinning. My maternal grandfather, and 2 other uncles have male pattern baldness.

    I have pretty severe seborrheic dermatitis in the hairline area that I used to scratch like hell and sometimes bled. Also I shed a lot of club hairs that have a white residue around the shaft.

    So does this sound like MPB, hairloss due to seborreic dermatitis, or something else entirely?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You should make an appointment to be seen by a dermatolgist to diagnose any possible scalp condition. Often a simple prescription of a 2% Nizoral shampoo can clear up the Seborreic dermatitis if that is what it is. If you see a hair restoration specialist they will also be able to track your hair loss and possible suggest some treatments to slow down hair loss.
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