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    I started losing my hair about 2.5 years ago aged 24. The hair loss was triggered by a 4 week stint on steroids. I was taking Testosterone for bodybuilding purposes.

    4 weeks in, despite no hairloss prior to taking the steroids, my hair started pouring out of my head. I developed a weird tingling sensation in my scalp, it felt bruised, sore almost.
    I stopped taking the steroids straight away and waited for the hairloss to stop.

    Well, approaching 3 years later, the hair loss has never stopped.
    You'd think the science behind this would be simple - I had no hairloss before roids, the extra test produced more DHT at the time of taking roids which attacked the hair, and you'd think stopping the roids would lower the dht and in turn leave my hair alone.
    It does not appear to work like that.

    I have continued with the burning sore scalp. My hair density, particularly in the front third has gone to shit. In the last couple of months, my hairline has taken a big hit for no reason at all.
    It seems steroids have just aged my body, and the hair loss I was meant to get later in life has come so much earlier.

    The men in my family do have a strong history of hair loss, but it usually only starts in their late 30's early 40's. If I'd known about the mechanics of hair loss I never would have touched steroids. I look at my brother who is 40 this year, perfect hair, then me, 27 this month and a mess of thinning hairline and crown, with a burning scalp.

    For the most part I've ignored it. It's taken a while to show. Still now with toppik you might not know there is a problem.

    Propecia, Ru, minoxidil, none have stopped this. Just keeps going.

    I haven't ranted about this for a long time, so sorry for the essay, it just boggles my mind that this has continued so aggressively despite my stopping the roids so quickly.

    In another year I think I'll be thin enough in the front to not be able to hide it at all, that'll be game over for me, if I have the balls I'll start to shave and try and move on.

    The joys of growing up I guess.

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