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    Cool Best FUE doctor?

    Hey guys,
    so I've been here a long time and NOTHING changed, I am still a NW 4ish, but I mask it down to NW2.

    I am sick of no relevant news in the past 10 years, and each year it was "just wait a bit more"... You know everything.

    I think I'll take the plunge and get the best damn FUE there is out there, if they can get me to NW2, I'd be more than happy, and put everything about this shitty disease behind me.

    So, which ones are the best? In your opinion, if you had $50k or 100k, to whom would you go? I'm personally most impressed by Hasson & Wong.

    I don't care about the cost really, I just want THE BEST result I can get for NW4 - that is it.


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    There are a number of excellent FUE surgeons.

    With some research you can create a short list of say 3 or 4 you like the look of. I would research FUE results and look for a track record of consistency over the course of a minimum of 5 years of specific FUE RESULTS with a comparable number to what you would require. 2500-3000 FU as a guide.

    Then travel to meet them for a consultation and meet patients in person.

    Good luck !
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