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    I think many men in 2018 are destined to be alone if they don't step up their game.

    I see so many guys online going "I can't get a girlfriend!" and it's like ok:

    Do you have *any* friends in real life? - No
    Can you bench press your body weight? - No
    Can you run a 5k in 30 minutes? - No
    Is your body fat below 20%? - No
    Do you even have a job? - No

    Gosh, I wonder why you're eternally single. It must be because of feminism*.

    *Though there is probably some truth to this, as before feminism/loss of true patriarchy your father would have beat your little punk ass into something at least vaguely resembling a man.

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    The number of men and women isn't the same. So, if we believe that if people date and don't part then some men (or women) won't have a significant other. But that's not how our world runs. You can find your love anywhere. In clubs, in libraries, in police departments, in parks, in comments. Actually, I found my gf in an internet cafe. I was choosing a betting site on and she was writing an essay.

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    Yes, why not?

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