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    Default FUE or Artas robot?

    So I have had in-person consultations at two clinics, one does FUE only where they extract grafts from the donor area via 0.8mm manual punch, and makes a 0.6mm slit in the recipient area.

    The other mainly pushes Artas (1mm) however I learned that they do FUE as well although they prefer to operate with the Artas robot.

    The thing is though, the surgeon at clinic #2 is very knowledgeable and can also do FUE with a 0.85mm - 0.9mm punch.

    However clinic #1 specializes in FUE only.

    In your opinion, which clinic do you feel I should go with?
    I know I am not presenting much info but that is exactly why I’m asking.
    I want to know what the general consensus here is regarding a clinic that mainly focuses on Artas VS Fue.

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    This is what i found online, hope it helps.

    I guess you are aware that I underwent a manual FUE procedure, the doctor was highly experienced. It is too early to make any call on the success of my procedure, but I feel positive that it will be successful. Do keep us posted what you will be following.


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