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    Default Hair system too dense? Incorrect colour

    Hi all I had my first system fitted at the start of July. However I am not too happy with it. The colour is too dark (medium brown) and it seems too dense and wig-like. I have since sent it back to get the colour lightened and the system repaired (it got all tangled).

    I have posted a few pics of both the system and my hair before the system was installed. Please note my hair is dyed in the previous photos. (I'm naturally very dark mousy blonde).

    I spent £400 on this system, so I would be very thankful for your advice and opinions.
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    Hey, I replied on a different forum, but saw this too.

    Wearers are own worse critic as no one knows us better than ourselves. The second worse critics are people that know you are wearing like on here.

    I think it look a good job and as you continue to wear it will only get better as you lower the density a little. You could trim the hairline back to eliminate that small area otherwise the vast majority of people you pass will never know.

    I think as with me you need to "get use" to the new you, but I think it looks good and I have been a wearer for years.

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    I agree with grincher, I think it looks good.

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