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    Default Got a propecia prescription but brand propecia is expensive...

    Hello I'm Canadian

    I recently saw a doctor and got a prescription and she gave me one for propecia, I wasn't able to get one for proscar... 30 pills are about 68$... Which you may tell yourself is rediculous... Does anobody know another place in Canada where I can buy it cheaper? Or even does anybody know an online pharmacy that takes prescriptions and where the drug is much cheaper?

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    I paid $90 USD for Propecia for a long time. Now I order my meds from Much cheaper.

    I get 5 mg finasteride then cut it into 4 pieces. Works well for me.

    Good luck.

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    Try and I have had patients use them in the past. Not sure if they are still up and running.
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    Can you go to another doctor? My dermatologist prescribes Proscar, which is much cheaper. It may be worth it to hunt down a doctor who will help you get a generic.

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