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    Unhappy Look at this new fut scar! Help me heal?

    Please give me all and any advice on how to help this heal the best. I am only at 6 weeks.

    Scared and regretting..want to shave my head and be as free as possible! How did scalp micropigmention cover that up for anyone? I'm still in pain. Is this normal?

    Dr sold me on it like a cars salesman.
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    It just looks like you are parting your hair so I can't really see a scar. Why did you have FUT? Who was the Dr?

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    You have long hair . Just let your hair cover it .
    As previous poster questioned why did you have it done ?

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    The healing process takes time but if it is painful at six weeks you should contact your doctor to get their feedback. You are the patient and it is the doctor's responsibility to address your concerns about the procedure. The issue is something that, as long as the pain goes away, has a very strong chance of being a minor thing for you because as a female you really aren't expected to have hair so short that would reveal the donor scar. Typical female hair styles, even shorter ones, are generally far longer than typical male hair styles so unless you do wind up going for a very short hairstyle the aesthetics will most likely not be a problem later. No one can see it.

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    You only include one photo, but looking at it I don't see any sign of redness and it doesn't look especially wide. As scars go, I've seen worse. Could you try to take more photos in good light, maybe with some help holding the camera?

    Six weeks is still soon after the procedure so any problems arising from the scar still have lots of time to improve. It's possible that you have some shockloss, which is when the hair surrounding the scar is (usually temporarily) shed due to the trauma of the surgery. I can't say whether you have experienced this, but it's one possible factor that could be contributing to your worries.

    Like Joe said, as a female with long hair, you are in the fortunate position of being able to hide the scar. I don't see why you'd want to shave your head as that wouldn't help with the pain and of course would mean you can't hide the scar at all.

    I'd be interested to know where the hair was transplanted to. I'm guessing you wanted to lower your hairline. Am I right?
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