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    Default Finasteride does not cause your sexual side effects!!

    Has it ever occurred the anyone that the main reason the majority of people who experience side effects with finasteride is due to mental health problems?

    These individuals who claim they're experiencing these so called horror stories off finasteride are the one's who constantly research side effects of the drug, let hair loss control their life and prioritise it over everything they do. They are doing it to themselves! Before everyone jumps on me and tells me I'm stupid, think about it.. what part of the body is most susceptible to psychological and mental health related issues? Yep. That's right, your penis and libido. If an individual is researching these side effects and prioritising hair loss over everything in life, they are pushing themselves into a state of paranoia and anxiety which can trigger depression.. depression causes a decrease in desire for sex and in term erectile dysfunction.

    Can anyone see the pattern here? The people on finasteride who don't obsess over their hair, have an active lifestyle and a healthy mind state always seem to be fine taking the drug.

    Those who let hair loss control their life, do nothing but obsess over it (creating health problems both physically and mentally) are much more likely to experience the effects than those who don't. This is a fact! This group of people already have health issues which the drug is known to accentuate due to change in hormones. These people are essentially playing the waiting game with finasteride. They're overthinking about hair and side effects to the point where the brain eventually adapts to their thoughts. For example, if a doctor prescribes the drug and tells you "now watch your penis for erectile dysfunction occuring" then they are likely to experience it! Like I said, they're playing the waiting game and eventually their mind will cooperate.

    An individual's mind set when taking this drug is everything!

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    With street smarts like this, who needs scientific studies.

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