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    Default Strip scar regret + repair options

    Hey all,

    I am 30 years old, had a FUT back in 2012 when I was 25 and thought the sky was falling when my hairline started to recede and impulsively had the surgery, leaving me with a fairly large scar 1-2cm thick and 16cm around my head. As the picture shows, I can't wear my hair shorter than a #5 to cover the scar (the surgeon said I could get away with a #2 no problem, typical sales pitch praying on my insecurities). I have had SMP put into the scar to try and help the contrast, but that is by no means a permanent or progressive solution. So, my question is whether or not I can FUE terminal or pubic hair from my beard, armpit, groin or other area into the scar, as I don't need to to look perfect but just need it to fill in the scar at a short hair length. Unfortunately I don't have any chest or back hair which is probably ideal for the size and consistency. Also, I'm in Toronto and have seen Rahal for a consult but he doesn't do body hair transplants. If anyone has any thoughts/experience/suggestions I would greatly appreciate it, thanks in advance fellas
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    That's a poorly done scar your surgeon was pretty bad...Rahal coud fill this in with hair. Blood supply in a scar is not ideal not sur if body hair is suited for it anyway...

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    Yes, I realize how bad the scar looks, especially having cut my hair short a year ago and all the stares and questions the first couple days when it was really noticeable. I'd like to try body hair into the scar (despite the poor vascularization) and see what sticks, if any, before using any more valuable donor hairs that can be preserved for my frontline and crown area that will undoubtedly need work in the future. I have a large head too, which doesn't help when it comes to coverage. Anyway, I feel obliged to mention it was Dr. Robert Jones who did my surgery back in 2012 and I've seen bad results from him on this forum, so I can't be the only one with this issue. Problem is I can't find anyone to try FUE from body hair, anyone have a surgeon they would recommend, preferably in Toronto?

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    Yeah, that scar sucks. I'm sorry that happened to you. I've had a FUT and the scar is much better than that. You could try revision, but then you have to go through another FUT, but a better surgeon would likely give you a much better scar.

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    Yea, I've thought about doing that to try and reduce the width of the scar, but a) it would cost thousands with Rahal for example, and b) there's no guarantee it gets better and will probably stretch out after the fact, even with the most skilled surgeon. There's also a remote chance it gets worse and heals poorly/uneven and unsmooth, which makes it even more noticeable and unsightly with shorter hair and under direct light. Still hoping to FUE beard or body hair into it before resorting to using my precious remaining grafts. Thanks for replying

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