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    Default Finished a transplant exactly 27 hours ago: Is my hairline too straight?

    So I had 2574 grafts transplanted a bit over 24h ago. Things seem to be going well, though my forehead is still a bit swollen. But I'm now thinking that my hair line may look a bit too straight. What do you guys think?

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    OK, so I added a bit to the centre. Does this look better?

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    Hi Johny,

    The swelling is all very normal so don't worry - Give it 72hrs , sleep upright, drink lots of water and rest up ! This will help the swelling pass fast and then review the hairline which is only amplified currently. I think you'll be fine man - Rest up, get some sleep and heal well. It appears a little straight but once swelling passed you can then assess more accurately.
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    Thanks a lot for the kind words. I agreed to be filmed during the procedure, give interviews documenting my experience etc. So I will be revealing the doctor, experience etc in just a few days. I think that that little strip that I drew on the right pics does add some naturalness to the hairline, so I've already asked if it can be added. I asked a friend and he agrees it looks more natural.

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    I think it will look just fine once it grows back and you wear them longer.

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    You look ok to me. I was swelled up worse than that after my HT. What do you think about using picture IMG_1558.jpg in your online dating profile?

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