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    Default isn't FUE the best solution until hair cloning or hair multiplication?

    Hey guyz,

    let's say hair cloning is not for "in five years" but in ten.

    Isn't then FUE the best way to deal with hairloss for now, and the white dots can always be refilled with cloned hair when the mirale comes out?

    Rebuilding the donor should not be a problem in 2025, and you will enjoy less "focused on hair" life in the meantime? just a thought.

    I was also thinking that the dots can be covered with SMP tattoo, in between now and the revolution of multiplication?

    What do you guyz think?

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    I've been on forums since 2010. And then the word was, don't do FUE, revolutionary stuff is just around the corner - 2014 or 2015 at most and we'll have histogen, replicel, follica and whatnot. Now it's the same story all over, just the years have changed. I'm honestly not sure we'll have anything new by 2020 (which was a distant future back in 2010). So FUE seems to be the best deal still.

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    Not just hair cloning, but regeneration. With these new discoveries in the last few months, they can cure us with a lotion. I'd stay away from transplants. IMO.

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    interesting reply!
    What is your level of MBP?

    I had one HST on the front, I have the impression that the cure or very interesting treatments are not for tomorrow so I was thinking, HST or FUE, in the meantime.

    You believe something big is around the corner?

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    I think you are correct. Holding out for these "cures" seems a little bit far fetched to me. Hell, I had a FUT a year ago and the results turned out very good. I went from a Norwood 5 to a Norwood 2.

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    if seen allot of FUE in my day, even the best ones don't look natural.
    you can tell, those hair don't grow right and and don't belong there.
    you'll look like a Barbie doll.

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